Sunday, August 28, 2011

Spiful, Backpack and Basket Take Over Eastern Europe

Shannon as Spiful!

$110 plane ticket
$150 hostels
$150 train tickets
$100 food
$100 souvenirs
$5 Subway
$7 worth of Doritos
$3 wasted lost of public transportation
Free sleeping in parks

Crazy Back Packing Trip of a Lifetime

Kelsey as Backpack.


If you taste blood...back out!

A car seat...

You mean a tire...

But his eyes were so blue.

Who I gonna kill???

When in Rome... get @#$%^!

I have dog hands.

Quick get the sharpie

7=4= too much public transportation.

This relationship is over at the train station!!

And yours truly as Basket!

As talked about in previous blogs, I went traveling through Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania with my two good link mates, Kelsey and Shannon. It was a great time with so many laughs about random things, delicious food and beautiful sites. We started by all meeting up in Kyiv and then trained it to the east of Ukraine to fly out of Kharkiv. Surprisingly, Kharkiv was super nice and hospitable city. A university student we met on the train gave us an hour and half tour around the city.

After eating Mexican food and a free shot, eventually in the evening we headed to the remodeled airport (thank you Euro Cup 2012). It was a 3am flight with arrival to Istanbul at 5am. We caught the shuttle into the center and located our hostel without too much trouble. We wasted no time hitting the city. Overall, Istanbul had to be the most beautiful city and just had so much culture to take in. It is where Europe meets Asia so how could it not be anything but fantastic.

Enjoying some street food in Istanbul! Yum yum.

Country number two was Bulgaria. We only visited the capital Sofia. We enjoyed some good food and Shannon even found Dr. Pepper. The best thing was doing a free walking tour and hearing all the history. One thing in particular that I found extra interesting was that Bulgaria sided on the Germans for WWII, but they had no intentions of allowing the Jewish population to be devastated. Through politics and not cooperating with the Nazis not one Bulgarian Jew died in a concentration camp.

The last and final country was Romania. We visited Bucharest, the capital, as well as Brasso which is close to where Dracula's castle is in Transylvania. Romania was super beautiful with the mountains right out side both of the cities. We rode a bus around an hour outside of the city to the town of Bran to see the castle. I was expecting a dark and creepy castle when in reality it was actually quite homey. I now wish to retire in my 60s and find a beautiful area to build my own castle.

We made a great travel trio in my opinion. I typically took the lead with being the map person and fortunately only got us off the path only a few times. I enjoyed our trip so much and the traveling around by the seat of my pants on trains that my next big dream is to hit up India and Southeast Asia next.

Thumbs up for hitch hiking!?!?!? Katya from Cash and Carry.

But that won't be for awhile considering that I am a little more settled and have obligations...see next blog for details.

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