Monday, June 8, 2009

Dying is easy.

For my portfolio for my Leadership, Ethics and Values concentration I had to write my own 'This I believe' statement. It is idea made popular on Nation Public Radio where famous and ordinary people write a 450-550 word statement about what they hold to be very essential to them; a personal statement in a way of their values and ethics through the words of a story, quotes, mini-essay, etc. So this is what I got. This is what at the end of my college career I would say is very close to my core being.

Dying is easy.

“Dying for something is easy because it is associated with glory. Living for something…is the hard thing. Living for something extends beyond fashion, glory or recognition. We live for what we believe,” wrote author Don Miller.

One can do something that is fashionable with relative ease. One can surpass the pain of a self-sacrificing play in a championship game bringing glory to themself and their team in the name of victory. One can prepare and study their entire college career in order to be recognized as summa cum laude on graduation day.

Traveling abroad I have met individuals who go beyond those boundaries to live for people. Living for the people who are undesired, disowned and for the most part forgotten. I am moved by these people’s willingness to care when it is not the popular, easy nor necessarily the action called for. I am moved by people who share their love and serve others despite the void of glory and personal recognition.

In my limited twenty-two years, I have witnessed different situations of poverty, sickness and suffering. Many of these circumstances have been abroad on service trips to different countries in Africa. Returning after my first summer abroad, I found myself getting frustrated with being at home and not being with the Africans I had gotten to know, serve, and love. I had many tearful conversations with my best friend dealing with the frustrations of feeling idle and having the passion to serve without the outlet in which to do so.

My enthusiasm for serving people in Africa was obstructing the larger picture. I do not have to be half way around the world in a foreign environment to achieve serving someone with compassion and care. It is not always a huge act or exotic destination that makes certain people great volunteers or humanitarians.

Mother Teresa once said, “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” I believe that statement encompasses my passion and effort that I want to show throughout my life. Not to be fashionable, achieve glory, or recognition. Just for the mere purpose that I believe there are no boundaries that can separate me from any other person on this planet. We are one people. If one of us is poor, sick, or suffering than I am also poor, sick, and suffering. I believe living for others is the only way to live. Regardless of status, wealth, or location I have something that can aid another person. We all possess the ability to ease the suffering by continual small acts of living for others and this I believe I pray to never lose sight off.

Peace Corps Update
submitted application: September 22nd
conducted interview: October 23rd
nominated for a position: November 10th
submitted medical packet: January 29th
resubmitted dental files: March 4th
dental files processed: March 20th
two specialists give me a clean bill of health: May 26th
final submission of medical packet: June 8th

god teaching me patience: ever day til I get my assignment
waiting at my mailbox...