Monday, June 7, 2010

It Does Get Warm in Ukraine

Allison and Inna, her student and daughter of another teacher, hanging out near the crick.

Baby Duck wanting to get her photo taken.

School #3 parading in for the field day competitions.

Dasha, landlord lady's grand daughter, lining up near her pre-school before the parade started.

Only girl sax player. You go girl!

Last week flew by. The warmer the weather the faster the week goes. Here is a breakdown of the week.

Monday- No School because it was Children’s Day. I did get to go to my friend Tanya’s house and get feed too much as always.

Tuesday- Celebrated Children’s Day with a parade around town of all the school children as well as a ‘Field Day’ competitions for all schools in the district to participate in. Craziest thing I saw was a girl running a 50 meter dash in a jean mini skirt and flats.

Wednesday- Camp at my school officially started. I hung out with the younger kids before teaching the 9th formers for an hour in preparation for their big English exam that they will have on the 14th. In the afternoon, I had English club. Small turn out again but none the less fun. Later, I got to chat with my sister for over an hour and saw many photos of Leo that Erik emailed to me. Definitely the highlight of my week.

Thursday- School again. Hour with the 9th formers. Teaching now that it isn’t officially the school year makes things a lot more laid back and I have enjoyed the students being calmer (you would think they would be hyper since it is warm and they are technically done, but Ukraine always surprises me). Later in the afternoon I headed to the V.V. to Allison’s place.

Friday- No classes at my school because of Ukrainian exams, so I went to Allison’s school’s camp. We hung out and watched them do different activities (see FB for hilarious photos). After we did some second hand shopping as well as planned our trip. Allison talked me into going to Budapest, Zagreb, Vienna, Prague, and Krakow in August when her sister comes. I’m excited for 5 new cities in 5 new countries. Grabbed pizza for dinner and got some drinks at the bar across the street from Allison’s place. All and all a pretty good girls’ night out.

Saturday- We headed over to one of Allison’s co-teachers house to visit and go to the nearby crick. I got to fish Ukrainian style with a net. Pretty much just enjoyed the day and worked on getting some sun.

Sunday- Headed back to my sight. Always an experience on the marsuka. I want to say the one I rode to Lutsk was more cramp packed than any Kenyan matatu or Ghanaian trotro I’ve ridden in. The most frustrating part is that despite being jammed to the brim with people the bus driver still makes unscheduled or unneeded stops to pick up more people. I’ve learned to take the inside seat when possible otherwise your space is being taking by someone who is standing in the isle. Once I got back had a lazy Sunday of sitting outside reading and journaling.

Today- I went to school at 9am. On my way I stopped at the post office. Booyah! I got a package from my pops. My favorite pair of Adidas as well as much needed khaki shorts for summer. But the best part was it also came with a small jar of peanut butter. Got to school and shared with some of my teachers because peanut butter can’t be bought here. They enjoyed apple slices with PB. Taught the 9th form class and then headed home. Now I’m just trying to get stuff done and organized.

Future- On Wednesday, I will head north to Kovel and there meet up with Allison and Aidan. Next all three of us will take an overnight train all the way down to Chernivtsi where I will be working at a camp from June 10th – 30th. I think I will have some internet connection (depending on how well my modem works out in the middle of nowhere). But most likely won’t have a lot of time to post blogs. So don’t worry if I’m missing for a few weeks. I will have many Kodak moments I’m sure to post after getting back to the old homestead.

Hope everyone’s summer is starting off well. To all of my graduating North Central friends, I congratulate you on your college careers and wish you the best in all that you have ahead. Miss you all. Much love YOs.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Say Hello To Mr. Leo

This photo especially I like to call him L.Dub

"Gerber Baby ain't got nothing on me"

Everyone meet the cutest addition to the Schnatz (Schmidt & Natzke) Family. Leo Walker Natzke! He was born May 20th, 2010 at 11:53pm, 8 lbs, 7.6 oz, 20.5 in.

Happy 2 Weeks! Now Titka Kate needs to find a doable flight home for Thanksgiving or Christmas to meet this adorable little guy.