Monday, August 8, 2011

Peas & Carrots

Me and Leo "we were like peas and carrots." Name that movie...

Howdy, howdy! I’m just enjoying a slow morning here in Kivertsi. It is a little overcast and has been showering on and off. Today, my big journey will begin to Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania. There will be two stopovers in Kyiv and Kharkiv. Tonight, I’m headed to Kyiv on the overnight train. Tomorrow, I have an appointment in the office as well as I’ll meet up with Shannon and Kelsey since we are coming from different oblasts. We will all take the train together to Kharkiev to see the sights before catching our plan to Istanbul. I’m pretty excited about this, because I feel like being in Ukraine I don’t travel as much as I did in the states. As a college student, I was always doing different service trips that took me to other parts of the country as well as Africa. My time here in Ukraine I feel much more concentrated in one area.

The local gang spicin' up life with Mexican food.

What new to report…as you can see from the photo above Mr. Leo Walker is growing into a little stud of a man. He is closing in on 15 months and getting cuter with each day. On Wednesday, I got to Skype with him (as well as his Mom and Dad) while he was eating his lunch. He couldn’t have been more hilarious with the way he was eating while staring back at the computer screen. Oh, I can’t wait til I can get my hands on him. It was great to catch up with The Natzke Family. I’ll be excited when I live on the same continent as the rest of my family.

Friday, I had another Mexican fiesta at my place. It was the normal spread of spicy ingredients, but for some reason it tasted extra delicious. My dinner guests in clued the normal Volynska cast: Terry, Val (sitemate), Ben and Dominic. Later in the evening, my Ukrainian tutor/friend Andryi came over to hang and chat. I was surprised how much he liked the food; normally Ukrainians don’t like spice. I didn’t however see him using any hot sauce (Thanks KS & Joseph). Anywho, it was a nice evening of hanging out and catching up. A lot of us haven’t seen each other too frequently, because everyone is going different directions with summer camps, projects, traveling, and language refreshers.

Ice V and Katya (two of the craziest Americans Kivertsi has had the pleasure to know)!

The last week I have just been hanging around my flat. There has been a lot of baking. I think I can say I have mastered chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. So darn delicious, but after baking them I have to pull out the ziplock bags and start giving them away otherwise they wouldn’t last too long around my place. I’ve had a lot of time to enjoy books especially since it has been rainier more than normal for this time of year. Just finished a book called “Through Waters Roar,” it was about three generations of a particular family’s women and how they were all each involved in social movements. It wasn’t a life changer, but none the less a good summer read.

Well I need to run around town and get some errands done before tonight’s night train to Kyiv. I hope this finds you all well. Miss and love you all.


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