Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Adventures of Theran and Kate: Africa

Tomorrow morning my journey to Africa will start. I will be headed to a place where my heart has been this past year. I'm excited for new experiences and also meeting up again with Kenyan friends from last summer. I'm anticipating learning more about the African way of life but also learning more about myself. I feel like the Lord has a lot more eye opening and awareness planned for me.

This trip is especially meaningful because my best friend will be along for the journey. He hasn't traveled to Africa before and I feel privileged to be a part of the experience with him. It has been awesome what my eyes have been opened to and the sense of belonging & love I feel in Africa. I'm going to be so blessed to be able to have that same shared experience with my best friend.

Theran will meet the two orphans that I fell in love with last summer . Hear their laughter, see their smiles. He will experience the feeling of community in the harsh slum conditions of Kibera. He will witness the perseverance and hope of people who wake up every day knowing that life is going to be a struggle yet rejoice for the day that the Lord made. Theran will see all of this.

I pray for both of us to absorb all that is to be learned to the fullest, and upon arriving home to the States that we adjust our lives to our new realizations.